My core beliefs helped me through many personal and professional challenges. It may be safe to say that it started when I was a child under my grandmother’s tutelage in recognizing the value of an individual’s life. She taught me that the man on the street had the same worth as the President of the United States. It motivates me to press forward when people or change seem impossible. I help people find confidence to facilitate that change. I want them to remember that we are more than our circumstances. 

As a public school teacher, I had some students rise from failure to become most accomplished. They adapted a new attitude and apprehended the skills of being present and being on time. They were proof that all we need is a little space to grow. We all have the same potential to be great, and all we need is someone to believe in us. I was glad that my faith in their potential gave them the strength to believe in themselves. I am an instructional specialist that help build the confidence needed for professional and personal development.