ChiQuita Battle

Leadership Training Strategist

Screenshot of B'Visioun Facebook post with  Battle  interacting with the real Shark Tank, Damon Johns.

About Me

I believe that our quality of life and educational opportunities should not be affected by our socioeconomic status or circumstances.  I have a passion for designing programs that help people to win. In my efforts to give the very best, I am motivated to do everything in excellence so that others are inspired to give their very best.

Have you ever found yourself in a tough situation and wondered what to do? Have you ever felt that you were close to a real breakthrough, but it felt something was holding you or your plan back? I did and I used the strategies B’Visioun shares to turn thing around. While a teacher in Washington D.C. Public Schools, I was assigned to teach general education courses. This general teaching role did not have clearly defined responsibilities nor was there a curriculum. To overcome the obstacles, I designed a curriculum that served the needs of the students. The curriculum equipped those young people for the challenges they faced daily. They adapted a new attitude and attained new skills that helped them engage, grow, and advance.

They were proof that all we need is a little space to grow. We all have the same potential to be great, and all we need is someone to believe in us. I help people find the confidence they need for professional and personal development. 

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Do not let your quality of life and educational opportunities be affected by your socioeconomic status or circumstances. B'Visioun is helping  people find the confidence they need to make lifestyle changes for personal and professional success. Our simple step-by-step approach to problem solving makes us unique.